Delivering high quality software testing for our clients is our number one priority.

Software testing provides an objective, independent view of software to allow a business to appreciate and understand the risks of software implementation. Testing plays a crucial role in the successful delivery of today’s complex, business-critical software systems and will continue to do so in the future.

As software development is becoming more sophisticated, companies are discovering that when armed with the right tools, processes, and people – testing teams add tremendous value in solving the complex problem of delivering high-quality software systems.

With over 25 years experience delivering testing programmes and projects you can be sure that the quality service we provide to our clients is the same quality we drive into our clients projects. 



We are able to offer a number of services including Test Management and Consultancy and Automated Testing for Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Test Management

With over 25 years of experience managing testing programmes in different industries we know what works.

Test Process Design

Introducing a structured approach to testing can bring many benefits to a project, not just to the testing phase, but to all phases of development.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

With extensive knowledge of testing Dynamics 365 solutions. You can be sure your implementation will be quality driven.

Dynamics 365 Test Automation

Using best of breed automation tools specifically designed for Dynamics 365 test automation will significally reduce testing effort.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Test Automation

We recommend using test automation tools that are specifically designed for testing Dynamics 365 solutions. That is why our customers use Executive Automats Test Automation to save time and drive quality.

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