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Dynamics 365 Test Automation Made Simple

Are manual testing processes slowing down your Dynamics 365 implementation?

Do you wish there was a faster, more efficient way to ensure the quality of your critical business processes? Look no further! Executive Automats brings you an advanced and powerful automated testing tool designed specifically for Dynamics 365.

Automated regression testing is the key to achieving superior software quality while safeguarding your critical business processes. With Microsoft Dynamics 365’s One Version strategy delivering major releases throughout the year, thorough testing before deployment is essential. Manual testing can be time-consuming, error-prone, and costly in the long run. However, with Executive Automats, you can significantly reduce testing time and costs!

Whats in it for me

We take pride in offering a truly comprehensive solution for functional and regression testing Dynamics 365. Check out some of the unmatched benefits you get with us. With our tool, you’ll unlock the true potential of Dynamics 365 testing!


Lightning-Fast Setup

Get started in just one hour with our 100% codeless, UI-based, record-and-play solution. No coding experience required!


Create complete test cases in as little as 2-10 minutes

Our intuitive interface ensures ease of use and maximum efficiency. Record and modify tests on-the-fly with our Advanced Recorder without the need of recording the whole test again.


Specifically designed for Dynamics 365 appplications

Don’t waste time configuring other tools to work with Dynamics 365 using your precious resources. Specifically designed for Dynamics 365, Executive Automats just works! Always updated to support the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 versions.


65% savings over manual testing

Compared to other automated tools, Executive Automats enables you to save significant time during testing. We make test automation simple, efficient, and cost-effective compared to manual testing.


Comprehensive Test Coverage

With Executive Automats advanced features you can achieve 70% to 80% automated test coverage reducing the need for manual testers. 

Advanced Features

Experience the future of functional and regression testing with Executive Automats! Our advanced features are tailored to meet the challenges of highly customized and integrated environments. Here’s why you should make the switch today


Data validation using local and global variables


Data driven tests using Excel


Loop steps to add multiple lines of data


Advanced conditionals. If Then Else


Login steps for testing Workflow Approvals


Move dates in the past or future with built-in code templates


Run tests sequentially or in parallel

Lights, Camera, Action!

Executive Automats

Let’s see it in Action

Accelerate Your Dynamics 365 Testing

Realise The Value And Benefits

100% Codeless

Forget the complexities of coding. Our tool is 100% codeless, empowering you to start testing within just one hour. It’s that simple!

Automatic Process Documentation

Automatically extract business process documentation from test recordings with a single click.

Advanced Functions That Are Easy To Use

Support for advanced testing features such as validations, negative tests, loops, and conditional checks. Use Excel to create data driven tests. Link multiple script to make end to end test scenarios.

65% Time Savings

Save up to 65% testing time compared to manual testing. Manual testing is tedious, time-consuming and prone to human errors. With Executive Automats, you can automate your functional and regression tests, and run them faster and more reliably.

Achieve 70 - 80% Test Coverage

Ensure end-to-end business process coverage within your organization. Ensure the quality of your critical business processes.

Advanced Test Scheduling

Plan, execute, and monitor test scripts and projects from a single place. Basic and Gantt schedules to run 100’s of tests at any time. Get accurate and detailed test reports or integrate Power BI for more advanced reporting.

Create Test Cases In 2 - 10 Minutes

Our intuitive UI-based solution allows you to record and play test scenarios effortlessly. Create complete test cases in as little as 2-10 minutes.

Integration with DevOps and Power BI

Execute regression tests automatically via Azure DevOps and integrate testing solutions with other platforms through our internal API.

Performance Testing

Easily reuse functional test scenarios for performance testing. Run multiple tests in parallel to simulate system load.

Test Automation Concerns

It's to complicated and we don't have the skills

Executive Automats is a no-code tool which is easy to learn. No coding experience required! It is suitable for both business users and more technical users such as test analysts. With a little training you will be up and running in no time.

It takes longer to write automated tests

If you write automation tests using code then it can take time to create and maintain tests. With Executive Automats there is no code to write, it is fast and simple to record the test steps in comparision with a coded test.

We need good test coverage, is this possible?

With Executive Automats it is possible to get 80% test coverage. This leaves only 20% of your tests for manual testing. Of course, we can never automate everything and there are some tests that do not lend themselves to automation. With Executive Automats doing 80% of the heavy lifting, you are saving an enormous amount of time and resources.

What about script maintenance, is it high for automation?

Test script maintenance has to be done on both automated and manual test scripts. Executive Automats is updated in line with Microsoft updates so will support any changes that Microsoft make that may affect the operation of the application. Maintainence is easier as you can edit, copy, clone and extend tests without having to record the whole test again. Simple!

Test data management can be tricky for automation

Test data is an important part of all testing and with automated tests the data needs to be good data. As we know, the data that is provided is often not of the quality we need. Automation works best when you have ‘Known’ data which makes our tests more robust. Use Executive Automats to generate your own data for reuse in other automated tests. Have a set of prerequisite tests that are run first. Save this data in Global Variables for reuse in other tests. You can then change the data in the Global Variable and the data will change in all tests using that variable.

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